Unraveling the Connection between Camera Resolution and Storage Capacity 📸💾

Greetings, everyone!
Ever pondered over how your surveillance camera’s resolution influences its storage capacity? Let’s dive into this topic today! 🧐surveillance camera’s resolution influences its storage capacity?
First up, here’s a basic formula for computing storage:
Storage Space (G/day) = (Bitrate360024) / (810241024)
For example, a 720P camera with a bitrate of 2048Kb/S requires about 21GB of storage per day. 📊
Below is an exhaustive comparison of storage capacities based on different resolutions and image quality settings:
Remember, storage requirements can significantly escalate with increasing camera resolution and image quality. It’s crucial to consider these elements while planning your security setup. 🏭
Moreover, consider setting your camera to a motion-detection recording mode. 🕵️‍♂️ This way, the camera only starts recording when it detects movement in the frame, drastically saving storage space.
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