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We specialize in the production of surveillance cameras, including security cameras, CCTV cameras, IP cameras, HD cameras, and wireless security cameras.

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Besder is a top & innovative brand in cctv security industry, was established in 2012 with more than 10 years experience in security camera manufacturing, selling and after sales service.

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Tech Talk: Wireless vs. Wired Home Security Cameras

Introduction Importance of Home Security Your home is your castle. But in today’s world, even castles need some digital guarding, right? That’s where security cameras come into play. Rise of Security Cameras With technological advancements, security cameras have become more than just a luxury. They’re now an integral part of any home security setup. The

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Resisting Weather: Outdoor Home Security Camera Guide

Are you tired of your security cameras giving up on you when the weather takes a turn for the worst? You’re not alone. More and more homeowners are now recognizing the need for weather-resistant outdoor home security cameras. This guide will help you understand why weather resistance is important and how to choose the right

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Al in Home Security Cameras:What It Means for You

Introduction Ever thought about what AI can do for your home security? The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is revolutionizing many industries, and home security is no exception. This article will explore what AI in home security cameras means for you. Understanding AI: A Brief Overview AI and Its Functionality AI, or Artificial Intelligence,

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Security Cameras and Privacy: Striking the Right Balance

Introduction to Security Cameras and Privacy In today’s world, security cameras are omnipresent. From homes to public spaces, from schools to workplaces, these unblinking eyes constantly watch, record, and analyze. But while they offer enhanced security, do they infringe on our privacy? This article takes a deep dive into the relationship between security cameras and

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Debunked: Common Myths About Home Security Cameras

Introduction In this modern era, safety is one of our top priorities. We install security systems in our homes to keep our loved ones safe, but often, misconceptions about home security cameras leave us misguided. Let’s debunk some of these myths and get to the reality, shall we? Importance of Home Security Cameras Before diving

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Night Owl: Benefits of Infrared in Home Security Cameras

The need for home security has skyrocketed over the years due to various reasons, and this has led to the development of several solutions designed to meet this need. One such solution is the infrared night owl camera. This article discusses the importance of home security and the benefits of using infrared night owl cameras.

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